Laser Acne Treatments Houston

Laser / LED Acne Treatments

At Desert In Bloom, we know that acne can be an emotional, frustrating and troubling condition. Our patients often come to us after failing treatment programs with over the counter products and/or prescription medications such as antibiotics or accutane. The reason these treatments don’t work for everyone is that these usually only address one of the two pieces of the acne puzzle –bacteria and oil production. Laser treatment addresses both so it provides more effective results for acne.

Over the counter products and topical medicines (those used as skin creams) typically either work to break up dead skin cells on the surface of the skin or help to kill acne bacteria. On the other hand, medications such as accutane work to control oil production by shrinking the sebaceous gland. Oral antibiotics control acne bacteria from the inside out but do not control oil production. Thus, the problem is that these solutions work to solve a different part of the acne problem but not one of them addresses the whole problem by simultaneously shrinking the sebaceous oil gland and killing acne bacteria.

But there is hope and the medical community is constantly developing new ways to treat acne. Laser acne treatment is one of the newer acne treatment methods and it is also one of the most promising (surveys indicate about 80% of clients treated with laser for acne are happy with the results of their acne treatment program).

Laser success rate is one of the highest of the many acne treatments available. Why?

Because lasers for acne treatment helps with the whole problem. First, lasers kill acne bacteria. Without bacteria, acne lesions cannot form. P.acne bacteria is naturally occuring in the skin and by using heat energy from lasers, acne bacteria is controlled. It is important to realize that controlling acne bacteria is only a temporary solution for controlling acne, and acne bacteria can and may return in a short time. Any solution for controlling acne by only killing acne bacteria will need to be repeated often to control the acne as bacteria occurs naturally in the skin.

Second, a longer term benefit of laser acne treatment is the control of the amount of oil produced by the sebaceous gland. By controlling and limiting the amount of excess oil produced by the sebaceous gland, it is less likely that future acne will form. Excess oil contributes to blocked pores and this in turn leads to acne lesions. Using lasers, it is possible to shrink the sebaceous gland so that it does not produce as much oil in the future and therefore leads to less acne. Although the amount of oil production after laser treatment varies from patient to patient, we find that using lasers allows us to achieve a significant reduction in the amount of active acne by 70% and 80%. Optimal results occur after multiple treatments.

In addition, at Desert In Bloom we provide a suite of medical grade skin care products to extend and accelerate acne removal that includes exfoliation – the third type of treatment. By combining all of these treatments into one program, we have created an excellent alternative to any one of the more traditional non-laser acne treatment programs outlined above.

Laser treatments are extremely safe and are approved by the FDA. Our professionals are certified laser specialists with extensive training and experience in laser treatments.

The length of an individual laser treatment is determined by the density of acne and the area to be treated. Small areas may take as little as 15 minutes, while larger areas may require up to an hour or longer. Any part of the body can be treated.

LIMITATIONS: Medications like Accutane or Retain A are photosensitizing and must be discontinued 4 to 6 months prior to laser treatment. (All photosensitizing medication must be discontinued 4 to 6 months prior to laser treatment.)

Laser / LED Acne Treatments Pricing

Treatment Price
Laser Acne Treatment Session $150
3 Laser Acne Treatment Session Package $300
Laser Acne + Clarity Infusion Facial Session $250