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Benzoyl Peroxide – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) – The Good

Benzoyl Peroxide is a very effective treatment against acne, but it also can have undesirable side effects for some people.  Side effects can include excessive dryness, burning, tingling, itching, flaking and irritation.  Benzoyl Peroxide works by preventing P. Acne bacteria from reproducing, so it is only a temporary solution to treat acne.  New forms of micronized “microsphere” BPO allow […]

Chocolate Increases Acne By 169%!



University Of Miami Study Shows Chocolate Consumption Increases Acne By 169%

There has been a long-running debate about the role Chocolate or Cocao consumption may play in the development or worsening of acne.

Anecdotal evidence has indicated that … Yes … consumption of Chocolate may worsen acne.  A double-blind study published recently showed evidence that a single binge consumption of 6 oz of chocolate increased acne […]

Acne Skin Care Made Simple


Wash Twice Daily With A Facial Cleanser Containing Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid facial cleansers are important for two primary reasons:

(1)  Salicylic Acid is soluble in sebum.  This allows the Salicylic Acid to penetrate into the hair follicle and dissolve in the sebum.

(2)  Salicylic Acid coats the dead skin cells in the hair follicle so […]

Best Dietary Supplements For Acne

What are the best dietary supplements to take for acne?

Desert In Bloom has formulated an Acne Dietary Supplement Containing all of these essential supplements in one capsule!

Good question! Let’s start by first reviewing the 4 primary causes of acne and then I’ll explain what dietary supplements can help balance each of those causes.

The 4 primary causes of acne are:

- Elevated Testosterone Levels

- Improper Shedding […]

You Are What You Eat – How Your Diet Affects Acne!

Eat This! Don’t Eat That!

You’ve heard the adage … You Are What You Eat! When it comes to acne, a healthy diet can be very important to helping you get acne under control.

Research has shown definitive links between your dietary intake and acne. And it’s actually quite simple!

Eat This!

A diet that is comprised of fresh fish & seafood, fresh & grilled […]

Popping Pimples – Big No! No! – Cystic Acne & Acne Scars!

Don’t Pop Pimples! … Ever! … Not With Your Fingers Or Mechanical Extractors!

You look in the mirror and all you see are those annoying pimples! Your first impulse is to pop the pimple. DON’T! … Resist the urge because popping pimples can only make matters worse!

Don’t Pop Pimples … Why Not?

Because when you pop pimples by any means you may force […]